Light Pole Bases

Light Pole Bases from Flemington Precast can be manufactured to your design specifications. We deliver to your job site for easy lift and installation. Less expensive than pouring in place, precast light pole bases eliminate four to six items from the scope of work.

Precast advantages include:

  1.     Durability

  2.     Consistency in appearance

  3.     Cost savings

  4.     Ease of installation

  5.     Made to customers specifications

  6.     Bases have conduits embedded in the base with conduit openings along the sides and the top for easy wiring connections

  7.     If required, customer supplied grounding wire can also be embedded per specifications

  8.     Customer supplied anchor bolts and templates shall be as specified by light pole manufacturer

  9.     Flemington Precast will supply shop drawings for customer approval prior to manufacturing

Specifications & Sizes Vary

•Diameters are typically 18” and 24”, sometimes 30”, with other sizes are available upon request

•Square bases are also available and also vary in width and height

•Heights usually range from 4’ to 8’

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