Purasys sbr alternative treatment system

Rendered drawing of standard Bubbler System. Image courtesy of    Anua International   .

Rendered drawing of standard Bubbler System. Image courtesy of Anua International.

PuraSys brings the reliability of proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology to the residential market and can be scaled up for commercial applications. It transforms an ordinary septic tank into a compact, advanced treatment unit. PuraSys offers a modular solution for space constrained sites or nutrient limited watersheds.

This specialized two compartment tank features three separate pumps that are suspended from the top. Each pump has it's own unique function: The first pump pulls solids from the larger chamber into the smaller chamber. A second pump draws air in, to help aerate and break down the organic matter in the solids. After the broken down solids settle to the floor, the treated clear water is pumped out to the field.

(Content courtesy of Anua International)

purasys is the best alternative treatment system available:

  • Lower energy usage. All pumps are set to automation, saving money and using less energy.

  • No complicated interior tank piping. The components are similar to a typical two-compartment septic system, so the familiarity makes it easy to install

  • Unlimited number of bedrooms. While some systems are limited to the number of bedrooms it can handle, PuraSys can handle any volume.

  • No media filter installation. All aeration is done through pumps. Installers need not worry about any type of filtering media in these tanks. That means never having to worry about recharging or changing any type of media filtration system.

  • Low level of maintenance. Easy maintenance for homeowners and installers helps lower overall long-term costs.

  • No international parts or components. All parts for the PuraSys SBR system are available domestically, saving on shipping costs and time for the installer.

  • Tanks are made from sustainable and durable concrete. Take comfort in the fact that Flemington Precast uses sustainable resources such as recycled concrete materials to build high-strength treatment tanks.

  • MIC Inhibitor. SBR systems have been shown to help inhibit the spread of MIC's in systems.