Solar Light Mobile Bases (Hackensack, NJ)

A project of square light pole bases that we manufactured for a company in Northern New Jersey. Each base takes two pouring days to complete. Day one consists of pouring the lower flanged pad, and casting an L-shaped cylindrical cage and anchor bolts into it. Once the lower pad is poured, square columns are set on top of it and anchored into place. The upper column is poured, and carefully stripped. 

Each unit receives its own ornament fixture, complete with LED light, solar panel, and battery cell. The units sit above ground, and can be moved between locations depending on where lighting is needed using cast-in forklift pockets.

The final product is a self-sufficient, sustainable lighting source that can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, from warehouses to shipping yards. This particular shipment was to be used in Tel Aviv, Israel (yes, Europe Israel) for the Ministry of Defense, to assist in illuminating the Iron Dome. 

Below is a PDF of the final product, including the electrical components.