1500 Gallon Two-Compartment H-20 Rated Custom Precast Concrete Reclaim Tank (Pair)

We're incredibly excited to show off a pair of custom reclaim tanks that were manufactured for a job site in Chester Springs, PA. Flemington Precast was hired to create two 1500 gallon two-compartment precast concrete reclaim tanks. The tanks were required to meet H-20 standards, so they were cast with a 6" floor, 6" walls, and an 8" lid. All risers and cast iron lids were to meet traffic-rated standards as well. Each tank was poured in five parts: Top Lid, Mid-Wall Insert, Base Slab, 24" Lower Wall Section, and 36" Upper Wall Section. The structure was cast in our standard EFCO Hand-E-Forms that we use for most of our custom pieces. The wall section was slotted to accept a mid-wall, turning the piece from a single compartment to a two-compartment. When finished, each tank weighed roughly 12.5 tons. The tanks were coated on the outside with CS-55 acrylic coating to resist corrosion. The products were delivered one tank at a time to an existing auto sales facility in Chester Springs, PA. The tanks will be used to reclaim and recycle water from a car wash being built on site. Sustainability is always in the forefront of our minds (among other things), so when we receive an opportunity to assist in furthering that goal by recycling and reusing water we tend to feel a bit better about ourselves at the end of the day.