Generator Bases (commonly known as 'Generator Slabs' or 'Generator Pads'), provide a sturdy base for any commercial or residential backup generator. Most pieces are on a 'built-to-order' basis, However do offer the Standby Generator Base, a small generator pad that is compatible with most standard residential generators, described below.

Why precast pads?

While the initial low-cost of pouring a pad in the field may sound tempting, the overall finished product is almost always leaps and bounds behind our precast pads. We manufacture our products based on your specifications, in our controlled production plant and away from harsh seasonal site conditions. We're able to insert holes and knock-outs for 'stub up' locations throughout the piece.


STANDbY PADS: the lightweight answer to generator pads.

For years, contractors and electricians have struggled with the excessive weights involved in transporting and setting concrete generator slabs in residential areas. While some companies have equipment to move it in, most electricians end up having to carry them in by hand. The solution is clear: create a standard generator pad, light enough to carry between two people, yet durable enough to withstand any scenario.

Introducing our Standby Generator Base. Weighing in at 280lb, these pads are equipped to handle a wide variety of residential - and even some commercial - back-up generators. 


  • Light enough to carry with a handtruck or between two people

  • Small enough to fit in the back of a pick-up truck or utility vehicle

  • Rebar reinforced throughout sides; fiber additive reinforcement in concrete mix ensures durability

  • Customizable: Ability to add stub-up spots, conduit ports, etc.

  • Large quantity discounts available


  • Size: 54" L; 32" W; 3" T

  • Weight: 280 lb.

  • Materials: 4000 PSI. Concrete Mix with Acrylic Fiber Reinforcement in Mix; 3/8 in. Re-bar Reinforcement.

  • Softened edges add visual appeal to product

  • Two wire loop handles in top for moving; can be easily removed by contractor