Are you a ready mix company?

We are not a ready mix company. Our concrete is locally sourced from a facility in Phillipsburg, NJ. However, we would be happy to assist you in locating a ready mix company to help suit your needs.

Can you build a special request Product/structure for me?

Our staff would be happy to take a look at your drawings and promptly get back to you. We ask that you kindly send all inquiries to Frank Palka.


What is your delivery area?

We operate throughout the tri-state area, concentrating on New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. Please contact us regarding any deliveries beyond this area.

Do you sell 'Jersey Barriers'?

Flemington Precast is neither a distributor nor manufacturer of Jersey Barriers at this time.

Are Mid-Seam Precast Concrete Tanks Better than Monolithic or Top-Seam Precast Concrete Tanks?


The short answer: absolutely not. Flemington Precast & Supply is the only Precast Concrete company in the region that produces and manufactures mid-seam tanks. Our customers have found mid-seam tanks to be safer to handle when installing themselves. We are often able to set our products off ahead of a customer's schedule, so there’s no hold-up on a job site with one party having to wait for the other to be ready due to site conditions or anything else that may arise. When job site conditions are often less than perfect, the last thing our customers want to worry about is damaging equipment or injuring staff due to heavy Precast products. We seek to eliminate this in the best way we know how.

Do you pump out septic tanks or perform repairs on existing septic systems?

We are solely a manufacturer and distributor, not a repair or pumping company. However, our staff would be happy to recommend contractors in the area that are more than qualified to suit your needs.