Why precast pole BASES beat site-poured pole BASES:

  • A more controlled pouring environment ensures increased durability and consistency of your final product.

  • Precast poles are built exactly to your specifications every time.

  • Peace of mind from defects and blemishes in the field lead to long-term savings for the contractor.

  • Poles can be installed on almost any schedule, and contractors won’t have to wait for concrete to arrive, risk having short loads, or wait for the weather to clear.

  • Our pole bases are easy to install. We use the latest and safest ALP Lifting Pin Anchor System.

  • Conduits are embedded in the base with conduit openings along the sides and the top for easy wiring connections and a great finished product.

  • Customizable options available including grounding wire, grounding conduit, chamfered edging, multiple conduit configurations, flanged bases, and more.

Light Pole.JPG

Specifications & Sizes Vary

  • Typical diameters are 12", 18”, 24”, and 30”, with other sizes available upon request.

  • Square bases are also available and also vary in width and height.

  • Heights usually range from 24"-120".

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