Flemington Precast is a proud supplier of Anua's Puraflo Peat Module/Bio-filtration System.

From the Manufacturer:

Anua has been supplying wastewater treatment systems in Ireland for over 20 years. They offer a technical capability, proven experience and a wide range of wastewater treatment solutions. The Puraflo Peat Biofilter System from Anua has been offered in the U.S. since 1993 with a strong proven track record of performance. The Puraflo Peat Biofilter Treatment System from Anua Products U.S. Inc. is the natural answer to domestic wastewater treatment requirements. Utilizing a unique biofibrous peat filter media, the Puraflo treatment system is one of the longest running, top performing, most reliable systems on the market today.

The modular design of the Puraflo system allows maximum flexibility for use on virtually all installation sites. The most common system applications include individual residential sites, community cluster systems, commercial, light industrial, business and office parks, schools and subdivision developments. The Puraflo treatment system can also be used for repairs. Anua U.S. Inc. offers all inclusive services ranging from pre-planning consultation, system design recommendations, material supply options, installation oversight, performance guarantees, service contracts and maintenance inspections.

Puraflo Peat Biofilters are specifically designed for an array of conditions:

  • Residential, Decentralized Community and Commercial Applications

  • Pre-Engineered, Pre-Constructed and Pre-Designed Systems

  • Low Operating and Maintenance Requirements

  • High Quality Treatment Performance

  • Peat Fibre Media from Ireland

  • Small System Footprint

Anua's Puraflo Treatment System Is Certified By NSF To NSF/ANSI Standard 40.

How the Puraflo Treatment System works:

  • The wastewater flows from the home into a septic tank where primary treatment takes place. The solid materials settle out and the liquid effluent flows by gravity into a pump tank.
  • The liquid effluent is then pumped by time dosing, at specified intervals, into the Puraflo modules. The effluent is then evenly distributed onto the biofibrous peat media.
  • A combination of biological, chemical and physical processes treat the wastewater as it passes through the peat media. Typical wastewater residence time is between 36-48 hours before dispersment.
  • Treated effluent often emerges from the basal area of the Puraflo modules and is dispersed through a gravel pad and ultimately recharged back into the groundwater system. The other methods of disposal of treated effluent include subsurface discharge through LPP systems, drip irrigation, mounded systems and other conventional disposal methods.
  • High levels of treatment are achieved with the Puraflo Biofilter Treatment System ensuring protection of the groundwater system and surrounding environments.

System Design Considerations

Maximum design organic loading
Maximum design hydraulic loading
Maximum design organic loading per module
Maximum design hydraulic loading per module


0.0140 lbs/sq.ft./day
5.57 gpd/sq. ft.
0.3755 lbs/day
150 gal/day


  • Modules are manufactured from Polyethylene.
    • High Strength and Extremely Durable
    • Ultra Violet Light Resistant
  • Module Dimensions
    • 7.08 ft (L) X  4.58 ft (W) X  2.5 ft  (H)
    • Low Profile Modules
  • Approximate Module Weight
    • 1800 lbs each
    • Easily Maneuvered With A Forklift or Backhoe


  • White Coded Module: Closed bottom area, no holes in module.
  • Green Coded Module: 7/8” dia. holes around half of module for sampling requirements.
  • Blue Coded Module: 7/8” dia. holes around basal area of module.

All Peat Media Is Not Similar

  • Puraflo peat fibre is imported from the Republic of Ireland and has a proven longer life expectancy compared to other moss media.
  • Puraflo peat fibre has a greater resistance to decay and degradation. This is due to its extremely fibrous structure and high lignin content.
  • Puraflo peat fibre has a noted life expectancy of 15 or more years prior to replacement. Some systems have been functioning with the original peat fibre for over 20 years. Of course, media life expectancy is dependent upon multiple variables including waste strength, design flows and proper system maintenance.

Benefits of the Puraflo Biofilter Treatment system

System Flexibility

  • Engineers prefer specifying Puraflo due to the modular design of the treatment system. Each design can be tailored to suit each individual site based upon property constraints and local ordinances.﷯
  • The modules can be designed in L-shaped, quad, straight line or individual layouts.
  • Most systems are designed either utilizing a Pad Disposal Method (Type A) or a discharge to a separate drainfield area (Type B). Please refer to our design information.
  • After treatment in the modules, the waste water can either be gravity discharged through the bottom of the module to a gravel pad or to a drain field.
  • Typical methods of disposal in pressurized subsurface applications include drip irrigation, LPP systems, alternative drainfield products and conventional methods.


  • Puraflo Peat Biofilter Treatment systems typically require very little maintenance.
  • Puraflo technology is based on simple, passive, biofiltration principles.
  • Anua suggests regular maintenance on your septic tank, effluent filter, pump, control panel and VISUAL INSPECTION of the modules.
  • Under normal operating conditions, Puraflo systems do not require maintenance on the peat media. A biomat does not form within our system. Other manufacturers of peat treatment systems must scarify or rake their peat media on an annual basis to avoid the formation of a biomat and system clogging.
  • Please refer to your state and local codes for maintenance requirements for Secondary Advanced Treatment Systems.

Warranty Information

Anua U.S., Inc. will warranty the satisfactory operation of the Puraflo peat biofilter module(s) for wastewater treatment of household sewage for a period of five years (In NJ) from the date of purchase. The system must be installed and operated in accordance with the design, treatment parameters and recommendations as outlined by Anua. The warranty is limited to those items manufactured by Anua. Please refer to our design information or website for additional information pertaining to our warranty.